M2C fitting instructions



1. Remove all the bolts from front under tray but leave the under tray in place.


2. Cut approx. 40mm off the lower flaps from the outer flaps on both sides (Pic’s Below)


3. Install 2 off screws from bag 1 into the splitter outerguide holes marked ‘1’ . They will fix into the OEM nut clip/fixing point.


4. Prop splitter up to hold in position and keep supported.


5. Using holes marked ‘3’ on splitter as a guide use 6mm drill bit to make 3 holes into bumper. Pillars can be used to spin the drill bit Note: be sure to only drill through the bottom face of bumper- if you use a drill Do so at your own risk


6. Install bolts, nuts supplied from bag 3 into holes marked ‘3’ on splitter and secure. Fit the 30mm thin black spacer between splitter and bumper. Tip: Use fingers to start the thread on the nut then a 10mm long spanner to install the nut securely and use grease in spanner head to hold nut while fitting.


7. Install screws from bag 2 direct through guide holes marked ‘2’on splitter. Fit the 10mm large black spacer between splitter and bumper Note: wind screws down and then Pinch the screws Tight (the bumper is only plastic so the screws will keep turning even when tight)


8. Double check all fixings on splitter are tight and secure


9. Re-install under tray bolts. Note: You should have 2 spare under tray bolts on completion. NOTE: Centre 4 bolts on the under tray sit directly above the splitter so they will need to be wound in by hand and secured with an 8mm spanner.


Would recommend using lock tight on screws/bolt threads
Would recommend using a tamper proof marker on heads to see if there is any movement, have a quick visual every 2/3 weeks.
Tested splitter up to 155mph on private track, going above this is at owners risk and could damage splitter/bumper.
Any Damage caused during installation or wreck less driving are the owners responsibility.
Sold for show use only